Jorgensen Wood Clamp Bookends

  • Jorgensen Wood Clamp Bookends
  • Jorgensen Wood Clamp Bookends
  • Jorgensen Wood Clamp Bookends
  • Jorgensen Wood Clamp Bookends
  • Jorgensen Wood Clamp Bookends

SOLD: Vintage maple wood clamps that were mainstays for many years in someone’s workshop may have been used to build an anniversary sideboard or to re-glue a child’s chair. But today, they stand tall, ready to hold your favorite books. Display them in your craft studio or wood shop to hold manuals, in the kitchen for cookbooks, and in offices of construction, tool, building, architecture businesses. They’re the perfect gift for the vintage junkie, the industrial stylist, business owner, the do-it-your-selfer and the DIYer who seems to have everything.

I’ve done all the work so the bookends are out-of-the-box ready to use! I’ve separated the jaws of the clamp and secured the handscrews into their original holes. I’ve used reclaimed metal to fashion traditional bookend supports. The wood and the screws show signs of age and wear, however, I have not altered the patina that has developed.

A number “2” is marked on the bottom of each upright.

Each jaw has markings on both sides:
Side 1:
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Made in U.S.A.

Side 2:
Made by
Adjustable Clamp Co.
Chicago, Ill.

Each bookend is 12″ tall and nearly 10″ wide from the edge of the wood to the end of the screw handle.

Jorgensen clamps are arguably the industry favorite, but surprising fact to many is that the manufacturer was founded and owned by a female which was rare back in the day.

“Adele V. Holman, a pioneering entrepreneur and professional singer, founded Adjustable Clamp in 1903. Her new company began manufacturing ā€œJā€ style wood handscrews following the clamp design of cabinetmaker Hans Jorgensen… Now, after five generations of Holman family ownership and over one hundred years later, a new corporate organization has taken over the ownership. In 2016, the assets were purchased by GreatStar Industrial, based in Hangzhou, China.” — Woodworker’s Journal, June 2017