Inspired by a family of artists who believed that “if you can dream it, you can do it,” I’ve been working in the field of design for most of my adult life. My personal dream, however, has always been to develop my own brand and over the past few years, that dream has become a reality.

JTBaldwin began with a simple cake pedestal design made of castoffs salvaged from my husband’s vintage audio business. Today, I have a small studio where I’ve developed an eclectic collection that includes an Audio Buffet Line of serveware, as well as a number of products that range from wall hooks to accent tables. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Each piece is made from authentic vintage items. Each piece is designed as functional art.

The intent of my design is to connect past and present by reclaiming items with strong lines and just the right amount of wear to verify a history, and using them to create new products that are relevant to current culture.

It’s truly an organic process that has no preconceived parameters. At the onset of a project, I have a vision of the final form, but the details and the exact composition of materials evolve over time. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. In some instances, I may audition dozens and dozens of combinations until I find one that pleases me and that respects the original structure and integrity of the pieces. There is no subcontracting fabrication to exact measurements. It’s all about finding the right pieces of the puzzle. It’s the most challenging part of the process.

In the end, it’s about the story and the journey that each piece takes from the original designer to the original owner and the many stops along the way — finally passing through my studio and into your hands that hold it’s future.

I hope you’ll take a moment to explore JTBaldwin.  If you find something that speaks to you, that sparks a memory or provokes conversation, that makes you think, recall or wonder, then I have met my goals. If you have questions, comments or stories to share, I urge you to get in touch. — JT