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Tilt it your way



Vintage camera parts and reclaimed lighting equipment supplied the parts for this multi-use design — and whether you use it as a home dec accent or a vanity mirror, you won’t find this one-of-a-kind piece anywhere else. Just tilt the bowl forward to use the mirror or reflect the light around a room or tilt the bowl upright and fill it with your favorite accent. The telescoping legs give you the option of adjusting the height to your personal specifications. At just 16″ high, this piece works well on table or shelves; fully expanded to more than four feet, it can easily make an empty corner the focal point of any room.

With particular attention to detail, the lighting reflector so often used by the “frugal” photographer is attached to an old-school, lightweight camera tripod with a variety of camera lens’ parts. A rescued mirror (perhaps once used to primp for a photo?) provides a flat surface for the inside of the reflector bowl.

The reflector bowl measures 8.25″ across the top and can be tilted in any direction. The telescoping legs of the tripod give the piece a range of approx. 16″ to 44.5″ tall. Crank up the center poll and add another 6-7 inches. As you would think, the further you extend the legs, the wider the base. Although this tripod is in very good condition, it is a piece of used, vintage equipment.

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