Reclaimed Horseshoe Wall Art

  • Reclaimed Horseshoe Wall Art

SOLD: Paying homage to the hard work and the talents of the farriers and blacksmiths, this wall hanging features a reclaimed horseshoe and original nails set atop four steel bars from which horseshoes are forged. I obtained the individual pieces from a working farrier based in Colorado.

It has long been said that the horseshoe brings luck when hung with the ends pointing upwards to catch any good luck that happens to be floating by. Whether or not this legend has any truth to it is debatable. However, they say that luck is opportunity knocking — and who doesn’t need more opportunities?

The wall hanging measures approximately 17.25″ by 5″. I have carefully cleaned all of the individual pieces and used a wire brush to remove loose particles that have accumulated over the years. I have not sanded, treated the metal, or changed the patina in any substantial way. The frame has also been reclaimed.