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1930s Roller Skates


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With its own app!

No, not that kind of app. This app is the application for a patent that was filed back in the early 1900s. The patent app is a copy of the original; the skates are the real deal. Choose from an authentic 1931 Speed King made by Hustler or a 1935 Speedee from Sears Robuck & Co.

Mounted to a stone block, the skate looks just as it did back in the day when fun-loving folks strapped metal wheels onto their shoes and took to the streets. Before the days of elaborate skate parks, sophisticated buckle systems and precision bearings, a simple pair of roller skates was the ultimate Christmas gift, promising hours of fun (and many a bloodied elbow).

This authentic piece of history can be used as a door stop, bookend, or a unique conversation piece featured on a table or shelf. The app that appears to have blown down the street, shows part of the original drawings, as well as the application and filing dates, patent number, and inventor’s name.

The “skate brick” has a felt backing to protect your floors and furniture. The piece measures approximately 9” by 6” and weighs right around 10 lbs. It will be shipped via UPS and it will be insured. Please email me if you would like shipping costs for outside the US.

1931 Speed King.....$35.00
1935 Speedee......... $35.00

[Please note that I work with authentic, used, vintage pieces, not reproductions. Although I strive to use pieces that are true to their original condition, there may be minimal wear marks or factory imperfections, especially on pieces that were never meant to be seen, such as speaker parts.]