1950s Turntable Storage Bin

  • 1950s Turntable Storage Bin
  • 1950s Turntable Storage Bin
  • 1950s Turntable Storage Bin
  • 1950s Turntable Storage Bin

A little piece of the fifties



You may not have the room or the interest to house a large 1950’s Console in your living room, but this one-of-a-kind bin gives you the opportunity to own a little part of audio history.

Although I originally designed this piece to store audio cords, accessories and/or charging devices, it turns out that it would also be a great place to stash the mail, CDs, a small throw blanket, dog toys — even a yarn bowl! It really would work great for any small items in your studio or office.

The inspiration for the piece came from a 1950’s Majestic Turntable Console. What was once the center of someone’s home entertainment had been almost totally deconstructed when I found it. However, the turntable platter was still in tact and it was stellar! Smaller than today’s platter with a permanent ivory mat and gold metal rim, this little piece of music history had to be saved. And — as I was pulling it out I noticed the center spindle for 45RPM records was still sitting right in its original holder. Lucky day!!

The platter is now the lid to my little storage bin and the top of the spindle — with the original badge (and all of its wear marks) still centerstage — has been retooled to become the lid’s knob. The actual bin is new stock and YOU’RE RIGHT, it took a lot of searching to find a storage item with the required dimensions. It’s made from bentwood with a single cut-out handle for form and function.

I have added four small tins that store on the underside of the lid for your small items like earbuds and audio plugs. They adhere to the lid with magnets so they can be removed easily.

This one-of-a-kind piece measures approx. 13″ high and 9″ across the top.